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Meeting & Conference Rooms

Meeting Room Fees | Meeting Room Locations & Photographs | How to Make a Meeting Room Reservation


Reservations for April and May, 2017 are now being accepted. Please note that we will be moving to a new room reservation system shortly, and you will need your library card number to make a new reservation.

If you need to create a free library card account, please visit any neighborhood branch with your current ID.

Please read and agree to this agreement before you make a reservation.

Reserving A Meeting/Conference Room

Each year, after Library programs have been scheduled, the Library makes its auditoriums, meeting and conference rooms available to the community. Meeting and/or conference rooms may be reserved for hours when the branch library is open to the public. All customers must agree to observe Library policies and rules, listed below, and activities cannot disrupt library operations.

This service allows community members to have a place to meet for discussions, study and trainings. No private parties are allowed in the Library meeting/conference rooms or auditoriums. This includes showers, receptions, birthday parties and other purely social purposes. Rooms may not be used as the sole or primary location to conduct business. There will be no collection of admission fees, sales of products or services, nor other direct fund raising activities. No money can be collected on Library premises. Private book release events or book signings do not imply endorsement by the Library.  

A reservation may be made on the website, or by calling Central Booking at 301-699-3500 during business hours, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. In addition, you may ask at a branch library Information Desk for assistance in making an online reservation. Reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Customers first create an account in the reservation system which will allow them to manage their reservations, including cancelling unwanted dates and making payments. When completing a reservation, please thoroughly review the reservation request form to verify that date, time, and location of the reservation(s) are correct. Be sure to include an organization so that you will be able to pay online, even if it is only a generic organization like workshop or meeting. You will receive a confirmation by email once the Library has approved your reservation. You may need to update your email account filters to accept email from the Library.

Rooms are only available during the time you have reserved. You will not be able to enter the room before your reservation time, and you must leave the space at the time your reservation ends. Any set-up or take-down time must be included in your reservation.

Email Verification 

Customers for the Room Reservation process at PGCMLS will receive an email verification notification. Please opt in to receive important information about your room reservation requests. Learn how to opt in to receive emails


Room fees vary according to room capacity; the fees are listed on the PGCMLS website. Non-profit organizations are required to pay the room reservation fee, as are other community groups and individuals. You must pay for a room reservation using a credit card. The Finance Department at the Administrative Offices, 301-699-3500 handles all concerns about credit card transactions. 

Cancellations and refunds

Every effort will be made to guarantee a reservation. However, the Library reserves the right to change or cancel a reservation to accommodate operations. Groups and/or individuals that do not use a room after reserving and paying for it (No Shows) will be charged the full room fee and no refund will be granted.

Customers may reschedule a paid room reservation one time within thirty (30) days after a cancellation. You will not be able to reschedule beyond thirty (30) days. PAYMENTS ARE NOT REFUNDED.

In the event of an emergency, the Library reserves the right to cancel a room reservation. Groups and/or individuals are responsible for contacting the branch library in severe weather conditions to determine whether the branch will remain open. Closing information is available before Library opening hours at 301-699-3500 or at The Library will re-schedule room reservations within 30 days if possible when the Library closes due to severe weather or other emergencies.

Agreement For Use Of Library Auditoriums, Meeting And Conference Rooms


Room set up and equipment

Auditorium and meeting room seating is arranged auditorium style. Organizations are welcome to change the arrangement but are responsible for restoring the room to its original set-up for the next customer. The standard room set-up is designed to be barrier-free to accommodate the mobility needs of individuals with physical or visual disabilities. Special seating arrangements may be requested by those groups whose membership or audience meets the definition of Americans with Disabilities as specified in the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act.

The library does not provide audio or video equipment for use by the public. However, most meeting rooms have built-in projection screens and blackboards or white boards available.

Any organization and/or individual reserving a room will be responsible for the condition of the room and will be financially responsible for any damage caused by members of the organization or attendees during the time the room is reserved. Do not attach posters, balloons, and other decorations to walls, light fixtures, or ceilings.


Scheduled reservation times

Library rooms will not be available before the scheduled starting time. Groups must conclude their meeting and clear the room promptly at the time designated on the reservation. You must plan to exit the Library at closing. Library staff are not permitted to stay on site after closing.



Library meeting spaces are not designed for food service. Only light refreshments or snacks (sandwiches, cookies, water, sodas, tea, coffee, etc.) are allowed in the Auditoriums, Meeting and Conference rooms. Hot meals (catered meals, pizzas, soups, etc.) are prohibited in all rooms. No alcoholic beverages and/or open flames such as candles or Sterno are permitted.  



No petitions may be circulated in the library building. The Library phone number may not be used as a contact number in any promotional materials. The Library Public Services Office must pre-approve promotional materials posted inside the Library. All printed materials (such as fliers or posters) publicizing meetings at the Library must contain the following disclaimer statement: "Use of library meeting space does not constitute endorsement of program/meeting or its content by the Prince George's County Memorial Library System."

The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

The capacity of Library rooms is determined by fire regulations and must not be exceeded. Doors to meeting and/or conference rooms must remain unlocked during meetings.

Youth organizations using meeting and/or conference rooms must have at least one adult (18 years or older) present at all times.

Further use of the Library meeting and/or conference rooms will be denied to any individual or organization that fails to comply with the above agreement.

I Accept