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2020 Heritage Film Festival 

Founded in 2005, the Heritage Film Festival in Prince George's County, Maryland showcases short films by independent filmmakers. The Festival is a FREE, volunteer-run, locally organized, community event that offers a unique opportunity for independent filmmakers and lovers of great films to view outstanding short films by local, national, and international directors. In keeping with the Festival's theme, "Looking to the Future/Honoring the Past," a broad spectrum of work by seasoned and emerging filmmakers is showcased. This includes films about immigration, family, community, and magic that are thought provoking, funny, romantic, and experimental.

The 2020 Heritage Film Festival is all virtual, providing access to film lovers around the world. The virtual events are free with registration. Viewers are encouraged to donate non-perishable food items or to volunteer at a local food bank.

The Heritage Film Festival is a project of IN VISIBLE COLORS and 6Hearts in partnership with the Prince George's County Memorial Library System, Prince George's County Arts and Humanities Council, Maryland Film Office, and the Humanities Department of Prince George's Community College. The Festival is supported in part by Maison de Jacqui, the Creative Edge Studio Collaborative, and local vendors.

Virtual Festival Lineup

All films will be broadcast at the listed times on this page and will be available for on demand viewing through Monday, November 23, 2020. Featured films are listed below.

  1. "Icons" (Ronnie Cramer) 5:10

    Five hundred years of world art are presented in five minutes by three dozen iconic works made up of 2,500 individual drawings.

  2. ”Still Water Runs Deep” (Abbesi Akhamie) 15:00

    A father's concealed emotions begin to stir when he is faced with the portent of a missing son.

  3. ”Zero, Zero, One” (Andrew Poteete) 17:02

    After being the first one selected in the 1969 Vietnam draft, a young man returns home two years later to find a bevy of changes amongst his friends and family.

  4. ”My American Friends” (Cheng-Sim Lim) 5:02

    A new American citizen examines her life and her new friends as she breaks down how she has adjusted to being in America.

  5. ”Doze of Reality” (Wide Angle Youth Media) 4:19

    Using satire, the students who produced this project exercised their skills in research, ideation, scriptwriting, project management, leadership, and video production.

  6. ”Kapaemuhu” (Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson) 8:24

    This beautifully animated film addresses the hidden history of four healing stones on Waikiki Beach, and the mysterious spirits within them.

  7. ”Sheep Will Devour Us” (Mostafa Rostampour, Atefeh Rezayan) 11:00

    A girl who is the victim of a premature marriage wants to prevent her sister from repeating those bitter memories.

  8. ”A City in Chaos” (Lisa Tuvalo) 3:25

    In the midst of the Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore, a Mother searches for her missing son - past the city curfew.

  9. ”The Problem That Has No Name” (Hannah Bonner) 6:39

    This film demonstrates ways in which domesticity's insidious and confining nature is mapped onto interior spaces of films and women who cook, clean, consume, and serve as caretakers.

  10. ”Making Soppressata with Dom and the Guys” (Tony Buba) 14:32

    A group of men continue the 100-year-old family tradition of making a cured dry sausage typical of Basilicata, Apulia, and Calabria.

  11. ”RAIN Up-CLOSE” (Louise Fleming) 3:21

    Torrential downpours. Steady drizzle. Cascading droplets. The meditative nuances of rain...

  1. ”Rethink” (Shree Ruttala) 4:06

    A young student encourages us to consider the link between advanced technology and food waste -and to work to make a difference.

  2. ”HANDS UP DON'T SHOOT!!!” (Myles Banks) 7:00

    This impassioned documentary follows students as they express their concerns about current events while confronting the local police.

  3. ”Coronavirus 2020” (Keith Young) 30:00

    PGCC student Keith Young presents a timely, thought provoking, down to earth documentary that shares the thoughts and fears many have about the current pandemic.

  4. ”PG-13” (David Owens) 10:16

    This episode of a series chronicles the real-life experiences of Prince George's County scholar-athletes as they balance their sport, academics, home life, recruiting, and family.

  5. ”Diana” (Lorenzo Olson) 8:00

    An unemployed video game designer is contacted by her dream employer. She goes in for an interview and the situation quickly takes a bizarre turn.

  6. ”Three Days on the Future Generations Ride, 2019” 6:26

    Four Students (Fronda White, 12, Jessie Porras, 11, Kia Kills Crow, 13) from Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota documented their three-day participation in the 2019 Future Generations Ride.

  7. ”Keep the Change” (Alan Ramsay) 9:23

    A pizza delivery guy encounters bizarre customers and deals with his demanding boss while he awaits his date at the end of the day.

  8. ”The Paradigm Shift(s)” (Gandhi Brigade Youth Media) 14:00

    Seven high school students (Auzinea Bacon, Andre Bamba, Grace Bamba, Aaliyah Dickson, Ribka Tesfaye, Jessica Theis, Trevor White) create a film that shows that the future is good.

  9. ”The Perfect Student Film” (Jerred King) 13:08

    A film student who wants to be a director receives unexpected assistance from a "Filming God Mother."

  10. ”Message Received” (Erica Boston instructor/director; B-Roll Media & Arts Inc) 5:25

    When Lauren learns her crush is into her, she takes a risk.

  11. ”Identity Pie” (Wide Angle Youth Media) 1:55

    Everyone has an identity that is intersectional, but what would happen if we started embracing that fact?

  1. ”Blink of Neon Eyes” (Patrick Müller) 3:06

    When neon signs become larger than life, only blinking helps. A surreal night in Las Vegas.

  2. ”The Contest” (Meklit Tsegaye) 7:59

    A witch disguises herself as a man to enter a contest controlled by a domineering man.

  3. ”Backbeat” (Martin Blank) 3:51

    A couple struggles with their differences as they travel though life's rites of passage.

  4. ”For the Goblins” (Hypnus Yao) 15:55

    A college student is kidnapped by Goblins on his way home from a party.

  5. ”Portrait of the Family as a Definition” (Adriane Little) 12:57

    Inspired by Karen McCadden’s poem of the same name, this video explores loss, family, addiction, trauma, and that which otherwise haunts.

  6. ”Call Me” (Gleb Bubnov, Gulshan Salamli, Lana Pyshna) 5:56

    A young woman who was betrayed and disappointed in life, locks herself in her apartment until she gets a call from a “No Caller ID” number and her life completely changes.

  7. ”Anna” (Dekel Berenson) 14:59

    An aging single mother in war-torn Eastern Ukraine is desperate for a change. Anna is also a Cannes Official Selection from England.

  8. ”Memories” (James Austen) 8:19

    A young man visits his aunt in the hospital to find closure for wrongs done in the past.

  9. ”Re-flex-ions n. pl. Variant of reflection” (Tony Buba, Mary Carey) 3:12

    A charming mirror image of the directors' community, Braddock, PA.

  10. ”From Shanghai to Harlem’ (Sylvia Wong Lewis) 5:16

    A Harlem born and Brooklyn raised woman explores her Black and Chinese, Southern and Caribbean family's (im)migration story.

  11. ”The Curator” (Hakim Woods) 12:50

    A routine visit with the Curator reveals the future in the Blue Black Bottom Art World.

  12. ”Nice to Be You” (Dino Koutsandreas) 6:10

    A high school student turned local celebrity makes his way to an unknown destination.

  13. ”They Say I'm Your Teacher” (Lucy Massie Phenix, Catherine Murphy) 9:02

    This insightful documentary shows how teaching people to read and write helped to set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s.

  14. ”Food Medicine” (Lani Cupchoy) 3:28

    A mother and daughter use home garden methods to grow healthy produce that they share with family, friends, and neighbors.