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I rely on our libraries a lot. I grew up in Prince Georges County and have loved our library system since I was a kidthank you for keeping our libraries pertinent and accessibleOne of the first things I did upon moving here was to find the closest library branch and get a cardThere is a lot of power in a library cardWhen I was a kid in Bowie, we only had the book mobile which I loved and it was exciting to visitWe need libraries so much nowThe library is an extension of our love affair with reading and booksThe services provided are impressive

"It was a wonderful program, and that's why I donated this morning. Thank you so much!!"
- Kathy
"Libraries play an extremely important role in our community. This has been even more evident during the current COVID restriction period. Even though the branches were/are closed, PGCMLS made electronic reading materials, videos, and other forms of entertainment and education available through online sources. They continued their “Ask a Librarian” services. They redirected funds from purchasing hard copy books to electronic books to provide wider access to these materials. They also provided parking-lot accessible WIFI services to citizens who needed them."
- Ann
"Happy to be able to give, even if it is just a little! Thank you for hosting this virtual event! "
- Rachele
"Libraries are so vitally important to our communities and have always been ahead of the curve in the way they serve our citizens. An investment in libraries is an investment in an educated populace."
- Michelle
“The libraries helped me immensely during my graduate program time. Utilizing the free Wi-Fi, and being able to print much less expensive than at Staples or somewhere like that, and the hours of operation allowed me to utilize in mornings, and late evenings as needed! I am very appreciative.”
- Kevin
“It's our pleasure to support the library. It's been an important resource for us over the years and has given us much enjoyment.”
- Saralyn
“Thanks so much for your commitment to the community during this time. Curbside pickup has been such a blessing!”
- Stephanie
“My mother introduced me to the public library at an early age and, to this day, I still love public libraries.”
- Ingrid
“I bought the t-shirt as a gift for my dad who is a huge fan of the PGCMLS system.”
- Cynthia
“I am constantly amazed how the library is reinventing itself to meet our needs as a population in pandemic. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you! And, I am sure that when I can finally walk through the doors, see all the books – and staff! – I’ll cry in joy.”
- Anonymous